Are You Interested or Called To Know More About Yourself and More About God and His Word?

Are you called to bring revival to yourself, family, community, society, Church or your entire region? Are you interested in high-quality Free Bible Seminary knowledge? Do you want your knowledge of the Bible to deepened? Do you want your walk with God to be strengthened or you feel the need to strengthen others faith in the Lord? Do you want to have the Ministry insight that is been taught in the Seminaries? Yes, we have a world-class Free Bible Courses just for you and at absolutely FREE price, only your time and dedication. Yes you will receive a world-class training for free.

    Are you a new convert seeking to understand God`s plans for mankind? We have special Courses for you, just click on the button below or the “Register me now” button by the right panel of this page and get registered instantly, you can study with us online, via Electronic Mail, and Via Postal. You can pick and select from a wide variety of courses we do offer, among such are; Theology, Bible Survey, Apologetics, Evangelism, Pastoral Ministry, Church History, Church and Ministry, Christian Ethics, Mission and Revivals, Biblical Wisdom, Eschatology, and many more. We keep adding more! Student can study the materials using a Computer, Smartphone, Tablet or any Internet accessible Device. For each Course you choose to study, a period of three (3) months will be allocated for each single course you are taking, therefore you can earn your Certificate of Theology within four months from start and you can take up to two (2) years as you decide to be studying and taking your examinations. QIS studies is not time consuming or tight in schedules, you are to study at your own pace. Based on our analysis, if you can have only twenty (20) minutes each day for your course, you can earn your Diploma in less than two years.

QIS is Accredited by American Accrediting Association of Theological Institution (AAATI), Association of Accredited Bible Schools (AABS), and by the Council of Online Higher Educations (COHE).

  After a Successful completion of your studies, a world-class Certificate will be sent to you, indicating the area to which you specialized, Note: you will register the course which you may wish to study, ranging from the Theology, Divinity, Ministry or Discipleship. A Diploma or a certificate will be awarded depending on the total number of Credit units you choose to study for. Note also that, the certificate which will be sent to you will be in the Electronic form, however, you are at liberty to receive the printed copy mailed to you via postal after the payment of a stipulated fee. During your studies, you will be allowed access to your Transcript, so as to know how  you are progressing and to help you understand your Grade Points.

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Prof. J. Feddes

QIS Academic Director