Prior to Jesus’ coming there was nothing like Christianity, He Himself was not one. And until His ascension to heaven and the disciples were scattered, some went to Antioch and those in that city saw how those disciples were, how they were coordinating themselves, how they were doing good wherever they found themselves, how they loved and cared, how they treated those around them, those pagans cannot understand them any longer and behold the exclamation “these are Christians!!!”, they are no different from the man that lived by the name Christ, they are just like Christ.

That is what the name means. How powerful is the name? Until you and I understand the weight that that the name carries, we never will understand what God called us into. How many times have you heard someone asking if so, so and so person is a Christian? “Is this woman really a Christian?” “This is a pastor, he shouldn’t have done that” how many time have you heard such phrases?

At that moment I do tell whoever that might have asked that such person (at that time was not a Christian), why because the person did not act or behaved like Christ would and there he/she couldn’t have been like Christ!! Because the Moment we say someone is a Christian we are in a way saying that this person’s character and attitude is similar (almost identical) with that of Jesus. We are in a way saying, that if Jesus Christ had been here, he would have done the same. I believe you are now feeling the weight.

Now the real question to ask yourself is “AM I A CHRISTIAN?” Right now that you are reading this post, are you a Christian? When you go to your business, are you a Christian? Are you a Christian at your work place? In your home, are you a Christian? When meeting strangers, are you a Christian? Am I behaving and acting like Jesus? If Jesus had been in my shoe, would He have say, what I said? Would He have reacted the way I did? Would He have loved the way I loved? Would He have hated the way I did?

Whatever you might be doing right now, I will like you to pause for a minute and ask yourself these questions, and then pray unto God, ask Him for forgiveness wherever you are found wanting.


Abba Father, forgive me for misusing Your name, forgive me that I am not  acting and behaving like Your Son Jesus Christ, I know that all you want me to become ion this life is to be like Him, help me Lord to reach to that level where I will be just like Him in all my dealing in Jesus name


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Written by: I. D. Amshi

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