Many of us are “Christians” because our parents are, some of us are Christians because we do go to Church, pray to God and read our Bibles. But as Ravi Zacharias pointed out in one of his messages “you are who you are not because of what you do, but you do what you do because of who you are”, you don’t become a Christian because you do go to church nor be a Christian because you read your Bible, but you read your Bible and go to Church because you are a Christian.

Back to the story we shared last week, the story about the phone owner and the church, (if you have not read that, I advise you click on the “previous” beneath this post for you to read it).  I asked the church yet another question that if the pastor who was praying in that Church was Jesus Himself, would He had done what the Pastor did? The church became quite, then I continued, by asking them to consider Jesus in the shoes of all those people (his wife, the congregants, the waiter and the manager), would Jesus have done differently than they did?

Who is a Christian, is the question that each and every one of us shall know, because Jesus was not a Christian, He is Christ. Meriam-webster defines Christianity as ‘one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ’. And the Bible defines Christian as “someone who act and behave just like Christ” (Acts 11:26). A Christian is someone who always puts Jesus in his/her shoe and then act and behaves exactly as Jesus would.

(To be continued next week)

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Written by: I. D. Amshi

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