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Quarrysite is a youth ministry by the youth, we have the mission of knowing God and making Him known The name Quarrysite is taken from the Book of 1 Kings 6:7 (some versions used the word "thither" in place of the "Quarry Site") and Isaiah 51:1 Quarry site is a place where large rocks are hewn and molded into different shapes and sizes for a particular purpose: mostly Building. Quarrysite is believed to be the place where God do shapes everyone to fit into His purpose for all, Abraham was at Canaan, Joseph was in Egypt, Moses and David were with the flocks in the field, Jesus was in the wilderness for 40days, they all had to be remolded, reshaped ad resized to be able to fulfill their Gods giving destiny. Quarrysite is a place we shall all desire to be, it is a place for hewing, remolding and reshaping us for His use. But as King Solomon had the stones molded, shaped and hewn at the Quarrysite, so that hammer or chisel were not used while building the temple; as each stone fits in perfectly into the building, so is God using Quarrysite to shape us to fit in the building of His kingdom here on earth. (Ephesians 2:20-21)

  • Daily and Weekly we've got you covered with the Word. You can subscribe to receive our devotions via your mail: whereas we have them available on our websites, facebook page, twitter handle, and on various whatsapp group pages.

  • We have you covered when it comes to timely Biblical teachings on Relationship (with God and men), Marriage, Job, lifestyle, growth and self development. Weekly, we have a well written article just for you. Visit our article section or subcribe to our newsletter to receive the articles via your mail

  • Been dedicated in making sure everyone has the adequate knowledge of God, His Word, as well as His relationship with Mankind. We have a established an online theological seminary, where we offer courses like, Divinity, Theology, Ministry, Discipleship and Evangelism, all at Certificate levels. Diploma and Associate Degree in Discipleship and Thelogy. And Master's Degree level in Theology. Visit to get registered now

  • QIM is dedicated to reach out to the unreached, and as such, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly QIM Staff all over the world are on the streets and houses to proclaim the goodnews to the unsaved and encourage the saved in the Lord. 85% of all support and Donations received go to Evangelism Department.

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