Quarrysite International Ministry (QIM) is a Non-denominational community of Believers, established purposely to Love, to Share, to Equip and to Reach the world through Christ Jesus our Lord. We aim to know God and make Him known.

Quarrysite is a youth ministry by the youth, we have the mission of knowing God and making Him known

The name Quarrysite is taken from the Book of 1 Kings 6:7 and Isaiah 51:1

Quarry site is a place where large rocks are hewn and molded into different shapes and sizes for a particular purpose: mostly Building.

Quarrysite is believed to be the place where God do shapes everyone to fit into His purpose for all, Abraham was at Canaan, Joseph was in Egypt, Moses and David were with the flocks in the field, Jesus was in the wilderness for 40days, they all had to be remolded, reshaped ad resized to be able to fulfill their Gods giving destiny.

Quarrysite is a place we shall all desire to be, it is a place for hewing, remolding and reshaping us for His use.

But as King Solomon had the stones molded, shaped and hewn at the Quarrysite, so that hammer or chisel were not used while building the temple; as each stone fits in perfectly into the building, so is God using Quarrysite to shape us to fit in the building of His kingdom here on earth. (Ephesians 2:20-21)

Our main Goals and Objectives are Love, Equipping and Reaching:


We are called by God to love our families, Friends, Lovers, Community, Enemies and everybody else. How do we show and portray God`s Love to this generation where it has sexualized and Romanticized Love

? Here at QIM we do ask ourselves, how does God want us to Love?
Are we truly doing what is required of us?
At QIM, We show love by Praying, Giving, Teaching, Exhorting and Helping those in need.
Rom 5:5-8, John 13:34-35, I John 3:15-16,


Jesus` final command summed everything here, the great commission, He (right before His ascension) called us to go and make disciple of all nations. How? At QIM, we train able men and women to be well equipped for the task by establishing a toll free correspondence and online courses where we give proper training and teaching to all those who are willing to be trained. Our curriculum for both the certificate and Diploma are so enriched with adequate theological training, our teachers are professionals each in his/her field, that we believe once one completed his/her studies with us such can have all the necessary skills and knowledge to reach out and make discipleship of all nations with no or less trouble.
Matt 28:20


While He who is not willing that any should perish calls us to take His loving message to everyone, QIM is being called to reach out to,

Those who never heard the Gospel (by engaging in rural outreaches)
Those who are luke-wormed in Christ (Visiting Different Churches and Holding revival programs)
Those whom are overlooked {old, young and poor}
Matt 24:12, Matt 28:19, Rom 10:6-15, I Cor 9:19-25
You can partner with us or support us know God and make Him known
To know more about us and our activities follow this link https://qiministry.org
To know more about our Tuition free Seminary (Quarrysite International Seminary) follow this link

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